Happy 8th! Memories with my sweet Kacy.

1. Spending all my money to buy you a ring and a honeymoon.
2. Riding around with you in my old pickup back and forth from Munday to Throckmorton.
3. Hauling 2000 gallons of water with you in a borrowed jeep, which almost tipped over, during the 2000 drought.
4. Looking over at you smiling back at me while riding in the jeep and wiping sweat off your forehead, it's when I knew.
5. Arguing about Hillsong or Vineyard, 1st argument.
6. Going over 100 miles an hour on Grape Street in downtown Abilene to the Emergency room.
7. Swimming in a RA Brown Ranch tank.
8. Making up after arguing over spoons.
9. Remembering the Uturn and your sacrifice for the kids that came.
10. Cracking your Dodge Omni transmission pan in front of the Munday Church of Christ.
11. Ruining your quilt while fixing your car, by myself, in front of the Uturn.
12. Driving to Kansas City for the premarital seminar.
13. Crying with you in the kitchen over Petey, then singing goodbye.
14. Walking under the oaks in Buffalo Gap.
15. Hiking to Sacred Falls in Oahu.
16. Shopping at target for 2 hours, the first time.
17. Filling up with gas at the Exxon at 2AM while contracting.
18. Surprising you with a 'stolen' Birthday car and your reaction afterward.
19. Leading worship together at Graham.
20. Watching you hold our boy and sing over him How Great Thou Art.


Kacy said...

oh my gawsh Wes...you are so sweet and I love you... this is so going on my blog!

but... let me clarify
it was a hand quilted antique quilt, the argument was why we needed so many spoons and why they were all dirty... and you forgot one...the day you saved me from the evil squirrel with the air horn.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Wow, eight. We're half-way there.

WES said...

Thanks, PL. It is a good life. God's grace carries us along.