And We're Back

I've been on a little blog-leave for a while, but I'm back now.
I'm enjoying the 'Reading Classics Together' over at the Challies Blog
The Rare Jewel Of Christian Contentment

Every time I read a 'classic' I'm amazing why I don't read them more often. Compare the dead authors to the living authors on depth and insight, the dead win, big time. It's like comparing a pot hole to the Mariana Trench. It takes time to dig, but when you do.....the treasures you find are awesome.

I've always misunderstood this 'rare jewel' of contentment. I find just the title of the book ironic yet engaging. I know contentment is a treasure but it's so rarely consistent in my life that I have actually 'found' it. Once I think I've got it, it flies away.


My wife and I are really enjoying: THE WELCOME WAGON

The lead singer is a young church planter and pastor in his twenties Vito. Here is there church in Brooklyn New York. http://resurrectionwilliamsburg.com/


Here is an excellent article for our seasonal celebration: SANTA CHRIST?

22 Words has a good bit of advise on miscommunication. It begins with the communicator.

Thumbs way up to a good friend of mine for getting me a brand new black, leather, ESV Study Bible. It's easily the most comprehensive study Bible ever published—with 2,752 pages of extensive, accessible Bible resources. 2 million words. I haven't opened it yet. I don't remember the last new bible I've got. This one looks to be a monster. I plan on going through it entirely this next year and give a review of it this time next year.


DUBAI Burj tower 1/2 mile tall

THIS gives the tower of babel a new meaning. Scroll all the way down.
Plans are now in place to build one 1,000 feet taller or 3,208 feet, 1 kilometer.



Movies we just watched.
God Grew Tired Of Us A group of 25,000 young men who have fled the wars in Sudan since the 1980s, and their experiences as they move to the United States. Excellent.
4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days the story of two students, roommates in the university dormitory, who try to arrange an illegal abortion.

Obama Interview On his 'faith'

Grace Has Called My Name
new song by Kathryn Scott

22 Words recommends some blogs

Mark Driscoll's series on Song of Songs now has a Whac-a-Fox game
Kacy and I are enjoying this series.

JCPenny $10 off $25 purchase coupon


Happy 8th! Memories with my sweet Kacy.

1. Spending all my money to buy you a ring and a honeymoon.
2. Riding around with you in my old pickup back and forth from Munday to Throckmorton.
3. Hauling 2000 gallons of water with you in a borrowed jeep, which almost tipped over, during the 2000 drought.
4. Looking over at you smiling back at me while riding in the jeep and wiping sweat off your forehead, it's when I knew.
5. Arguing about Hillsong or Vineyard, 1st argument.
6. Going over 100 miles an hour on Grape Street in downtown Abilene to the Emergency room.
7. Swimming in a RA Brown Ranch tank.
8. Making up after arguing over spoons.
9. Remembering the Uturn and your sacrifice for the kids that came.
10. Cracking your Dodge Omni transmission pan in front of the Munday Church of Christ.
11. Ruining your quilt while fixing your car, by myself, in front of the Uturn.
12. Driving to Kansas City for the premarital seminar.
13. Crying with you in the kitchen over Petey, then singing goodbye.
14. Walking under the oaks in Buffalo Gap.
15. Hiking to Sacred Falls in Oahu.
16. Shopping at target for 2 hours, the first time.
17. Filling up with gas at the Exxon at 2AM while contracting.
18. Surprising you with a 'stolen' Birthday car and your reaction afterward.
19. Leading worship together at Graham.
20. Watching you hold our boy and sing over him How Great Thou Art.
Recent Reads

Spectacular Sins by John Piper: excellent, short, overview of God's purpose in sin.
Everyday Talk John Younts: quite good will use as a reference, thanks evans.
Job by John Piper: dark and painfully excellent, if we could just 'get this'.
Same Kind Of Different As Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore: Good true story of grace, friendship, in the midst of cancer. These two authors were at ACU last month.
Age Of Opportunity by Paul Tripp......the best book I've every read concerning heart issues.

What I'm reading now:
Peace Like A River by Enger
Shepherding a Child's Heart